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General Terms

  • As a visitor, user, and buyer of Bestlaborlawposters, you are responsible for managing all the notifications and posters provided by us to keep compliance with state and federal laws. Being a buyer at Bestlaborlawposters, you acknowledge that the digital posters that are received from us are not the same as they receive in-person or any physical posters you see at any employment place. Also, you are aware of printing the digital posters provided by us and using them according to the labor law posters at your business place.
  • The labor law poster provided by us gives instructions for staff or workers to review and sign off. However, under any unfortunate circumstance, if legal actions were taken, Bestlaborlowposters is not responsible and stands to be harmless. As a buyer and user, you should be responsible for utilizing the posters as per the guidance or rules set by federal or state regulations.
  • Despite using our codes on your labor law posters, you are fully responsible for all the content and activities that happen at your workplace.
  • As a buyer of our service, you are agreeing not to use the posters received from Bestlaborlawposters for any illegal purpose.
  • Bestlaborlawposters has full rights to take legal action if you have not provided your correct details like name, address, email address, and so on during the signup process. At the same time, you are responsible to do timely updating of the information on our platform in the event of any changes.
  • Only individuals or company representatives are permitted to register and access our services. We strictly won’t accept any AI-powered bots accessing our platform.

API Terms

As a digital service provider, Bestlaborlawposters allows its customers to access the services we offer via Application Program Interface (API). If you are using our services on your platform or any other third-party platform through API, then you are agreeing with our below-mentioned terms and conditions.

  • As a user of our service via API technology, you are fully responsible for managing the connectivity properly. We don’t take any liability for the damages or losses caused because of using our services through API.
  • In any circumstance, we don’t tolerate abusiveness or excessive usage of services through API. As a service provider, we will warn the account owner via email before taking actions like temporary or permanent account suspension.

General Conditions

  • As a user, you are responsible for the risk factors involved in using our services.
  • In any case, technical support will be provided by email or phone. However, support services will be subject to matter upon the availability of a servicing person.
  • As a user of Bestlaborlawposters, you must be loyal to us. No actions like modifying, adapting, or hacking the services provided by us will be entertained and further actions will be taken promptly to cover the damage.
  • You are supposed to not duplicate, reproduce, copy, or re-sell the services availed from us to any third parties unless you are willing to face legal action.
  • Bestlaborlawposters doesn’t warranty any of the following events are not happening.
  1. Meeting all your specific business requirements.
  2. Uninterrupted, secured, or timely services.
  3. Inability to use services.
  4. Quality of materials/services/products obtained through using our poster services.
  • However, we provide assurance that our service won’t be interrupted and will meet all your business requirements. And if any errors are found, they will be rectified promptly by our experts.
  • Bestlaborlawposters will not be liable for the direct or indirect damages that occurred due to the poor handling of our services or loss of profits, goodwill, and other intangible losses while using our services.

These terms and conditions are about creating an agreement between you and us regarding the usage of the services provided by Bestlaborlawposters. In case of Failure or not accepting these terms and conditions will give you no right or provision to access or purchase our labor law posters and to make use of those at your workplace.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without any future notice. You are responsible for utilizing all the services provided by us adhering to the latest up-to-date terms and conditions.