We are happy that you have chosen Bestlaborlawposters for your labor poster needs. At Bestlaborlawposter, customers are the No 1 priority and we are willing to push our boundaries to any level to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

We always stand behind our service and the quality, accuracy, and affordability of all the posters we sell.

For any reason, if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase from us, just raise a ticket to our customer service after proper verification, and offer you a full refund upon some restrictions. If such an unfortunate event of a return request occurs, the posters that are marked to be returned must include all the original items without any physical damage. The refund procedure will be entertained only if the posters were returned within 30 days of purchase and also must be in a resalable condition.   

Bestlaborlawposter refunds only the poster’s actual amount; it doesn’t include shipping and product handling fees. Also, the shipping cost while returning the poster must be possessed by the buyer’s end.

For operational reasons, we can’t accept the return of custom posters and E-Posters from customers.

Incomplete/Damaged/Missing Posters 

 If you have received an incomplete, damaged, or missing poster, no need to worry you will have 30 days to inform us about the conditions of the posters you received. This time duration will allow you to file a claim and follow the shipping provider if you haven’t received posters. Once you raise a ticket regarding your poster’s conditions within 30 days, we will take the necessary steps and ensure you are satisfied with your order from us.

Address Verification

Bestlaborlawposters will not take any responsibility for posters returning or failed delivery due to incorrect or automatic address corrections. Also, we are not liable for the cost or fee taken because of the incorrect delivery address. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure they have provided the accurate address for poster delivery.

At the same time, we will charge an additional handling fee if the posters are returned due to refusal from the address mentioned at the time of order. We will inform you about the poster’s return via email and charge a reshipping cost.

To know more about our refunds and poster returns pls feel free to talk to our customer service executives by dialling 919-295-3137. Or you can reach our executives by sending us your mail to info@bestlaborlawposters.com.   

*All those above-mentioned terms and conditions regarding the poster refunds from Bestlaborlawposters are subject to change at any time and without any prior notice. It is the buyer’s responsibility to read our updated refund policy before initiating any returns.