Federal and State Minimum Wage 2024

What’s New in 2024 Federal and State Minimum Wage?

Importance of Illustration of Minimum Wage in Poster:
Each employer is required to post a poster that contains information about minimum wage in the places in the business where it should be easily available to employees for reading in observance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Information about State and Federal Minimum Wage:
Federal minimum wage is the borderline minimum pay that is set by the U.S. government and applies to all nations. State minimum wage is the minimum wage of the state determined by the state government and cannot be lower than the minimum wage set by the U.S. government. Employers must follow the minimum wage requirement set by state government which should be higher or equal to federal minimum wage.

Exemption from Federal Minimum Wage requirement:
There are some exemptions for Student Workers, Youth Workers, Tipped Employees, Learners, and Disabled Workers. The tipped employee’s minimum wage is $2.13 per hour which is set by the federal government; this applies only if the tip that the employee receives from a customer makes their minimum wage equal to the limit that is set by the federal government. Youth workers are employees who are under 20 years of age, who can be paid less than the minimum wage requirement for the first 90 consecutive calendar days of employment. The Federal Minimum wage requirement for youth workers is $4.25 per hour. Some Exemption also applies to Student workers. Full-time registered students can be paid 85% of the federal minimum wage requirement and Student learners can be paid 75% of the federal minimum wage requirement. Any worker with a mental or physical disability can be paid less than the federal minimum wage as per the FLSA Act. Although the federal government has a minimum wage limit for the exemption workers; state minimum wage requirements might be different. As mentioned above, the employer must follow the state minimum wage requirement as long as it is higher or equal to the federal minimum wage limit. The Employer must apply for a certificate from the DOL (Department of Labor) for hiring the workers with exemptions to the minimum wage limit. 

Minimum Wage Updates 2024:
As stated earlier, the minimum wage deviates by state and also county or city within the state. If the employer business is located in multiple states, staying up to date with the minimum wage increment requirement could be challenging.

Even if the federal minimum wage stays the same at $7.25. States that will have minimum wage increments in 2024 are below.

Minimum wage 2023Minimum wage 2024Effective Dates
Arizona13.8514.35January 1st, 2024
Alaska10.3411.73January 1st, 2024
California15.5016.00January 1st, 2024
Colorado13.6514.42January 1st, 2024
Connecticut15.0015.69January 1st, 2024
Delaware11.7513.25January 1st, 2024
Hawaii12.0014.00January 1st, 2024
Illinois13.0014.00January 1st, 2024
Maine13.8014.15January 1st, 2024
Maryland13.2515.00January 1st, 2024
Michigan10.1010.33January 1st, 2024
Minnesota10.5910.85January 1st, 2024
Missouri12.0012.30January 1st, 2024
Montana9.9510.30January 1st, 2024
Nebraska10.5012.00January 1st, 2024
New Jersey14.1315.13January 1st, 2024
New York14.2016.00January 1st, 2024
Ohio10.1010.45January 1st, 2024
Rhode Island13.0014.00January 1st, 2024
South Dakota10.8011.20January 1st, 2024
Vermont13.1813.67January 1st, 2024
Washington15.7416.28January 1st, 2024
Florida12.0013.00September 30th, 2024
Nevada11.2512.00July 01st 2024
Oregon13.2014.20June 30th  2024


It is important for each employer to briefly understand the minimum wage requirement under FSLA. As the state and federal minimum wage requirements might be different and keep changing; the timeline for minimum wage requirement updates for each state is also different. Some states will increase the minimum wage at the beginning of the year while some can change the requirement for minimum wage at the middle of the year. It is crucial to stay up to date with all the changes and present the poster with current rules and regulations.

If there are any changes in federal, state, or OSHA requirements, you need to update the poster to stay in labor law compliance. Most employers are aware that the beginning of the year proposes new changes in labor law requirements. Buying a new poster each year would not satisfy the labor law compliance requirement throughout the whole year.

The easiest way to prevent out-of-compliance anytime is to enroll for the program at Best labor law poster compliance which will send updated federal and state labor law posters automatically when there are any changes in labor law requirements.

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