Do I need a Labor Law Poster for my Business?

For almost every new business owner, the first and foremost question would be, “Do I need a labor law poster?” or “Is there a need to display state and federal labor law posters at my workplace?” Secondly, they would be asking whether the labor law posters need to be updated every year.

If you are among those lists of young entrepreneurs seeking answers about labor poster compliance, well this article is for you. Labor law posters are the documents of both federal and state governments; they contain complete information regarding safety measures, employee rights, and responsibilities.

This article briefs about the federal and state labor law posters along with a detailed analysis of who would need to display labor law notices.

About Federal Law Posters: What Is a Labor Law Poster?

Federal law posters are also known as federal employment law notices that explain all the workplace safety measures, employees’ rights and responsibilities at the workplace, and so on. These labor law compliance posters are mandated for employers to post them in the areas where workers visit frequently, mostly like the cafeteria, reception, and so on.

Companies or businesses that fail to display labor posters required by law (according to the compliance rules set by the federal and state government) can result in penalties, fines and even face lawsuits.

What Posters Are Required in the Workplace?

One of the most common questions we get from our clients is, “What posters are required in the workplace?” As a reputed labor law poster service, we can ascertain that federal law posters are created by the US Department of Labor (DOL) and they provide an online tool by which business owners can easily find relevant DOL posters for their business.

Here are the lists of common federal law posters you can find in the online tool provided by DOL. You can pick the labor law compliance poster that best suits your business operation to ensure labor poster compliance.

  • If your business operation is subject to the FMLA (FAMILY & MEDICAL LEAVE ACT) policy, then you might need to display employee rights and responsibilities by posting FMLA posters.
  • If your business operation is subject to FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act), then you might be in need to display employee rights by posting FLSA posters.
  • Owners of businesses from all verticals need to display employee’s job safety and health under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) by posting OSHA posters at their workplace.

Apart from that, some businesses may be required to post additional labor posters required by law depending upon their types of industries, work performed by the employees, and so on. For example, businesses employing migrant workers at their workplace mean they need to post a labor law compliance poster of the Migrant and Seasonal Worker Protection Act Poster.

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About State Labor Law Posters: Additional Labor Law Poster Requirements

In addition to the federal labor posters required by law, businesses may post some additional notices as per the state government’s legal mandates. Some states have additional employment laws determined by the state Department of Labor. This will add more labor law poster requirements and it varies depending upon which state you run your business.

Do I Need Labor Law Posters for My Business?

It doesn’t matter how many employees you employ at your workplace, businesses must post the labor law compliance notice in viewable areas of the workplace. Failing to do so, companies or businesses may face consequences from federal and state authorities in the form of penalties, fines, and even lawsuits.

Our labor law poster service wants to make you aware of a few aspects when posting federal and state law requirement posters at your workplace.

  • It is mandatory for a business that runs with only one employee on payroll (including part-time employees) to post labor law notice at the workplace.
  • If you are running a business with no employees then your business is exempted from posting any compliance posters.
  • A business that runs only with contractors without any employees must post labor law posters.
  • If you are running a business with no employees but only with volunteers there is no need to post any compliance posters.

A business that runs only with remote employees must post digital labor law posters for remote employees which they can easily access.

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Do I Need to Update My Labor Law Posters Regularly?

There is no such thing as regular when it comes to updating labor law compliance notices. However, whenever any changes happen in federal or state labor law, businesses must post the latest labor law posters at their workplace.

It doesn’t matter how many times, every time there is a change in labor law; businesses are required to update their posters.


For all types of businesses from various verticals, labor law posters are the first line of defense in the event of a complaint raised by an employee. It is essential for businesses and companies to consider compliance seriously and to post the updated latest labor posters and post them correctly at the workplace.

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