Labor Law Posters Frauds

How To Avoid Labor Law Posters Frauds?

Labor law posters are the mandated federal and state employment law notices that employers have to conspicuously post in any place frequented by their employees. The federal labor law posters define the federal employment laws that every employer in the nation has to comply with at their business place. They notify employees of their rights under these laws. You may be a beginner to these posters and think about how to avoid fraud in them. You can focus on the following details and get absolute assistance.  

List of common labor law poster scams

  • You get a letter: Employers get mail that seems like an official government mail telling them about a necessary change and insisting that if they do not update their compliance posters, then they will be fined thousands of dollars. 
  • You get a phone call: Employers get a phone call from a supposed labor poster company claiming to supply their posters. This company tells them to update their compliance posters to avoid fines. However, the updates cost hundreds of dollars.  
  • People show up: Some people show up at your business and claim to be government officials, especially OSHA inspectors. They claim your labor law compliance posters are outdated. They insist you update these posters for a large cost without delay. All beginners to the federal minimum wage poster have to consider and double-check several important things at first. They can consult with specialists in federal labor laws and decide to comply with these laws.

How to avoid federal labor law poster scams? 

There are so many scams associated with federal employment posters at this time. You have to spend enough time and enhance your expertise about how to avoid these scams.

1. Research before spending any money

You must do your research about the labor law posters before spending any money. You can contact the official website of the labor law poster company that sent you the notice. You have to read unbiased reviews of this company and find any scams. You can follow this simple method to identify what type of company you are dealing with. 

2. Change Verification is mandatory

Employers have to verify that the change is mandatory. You can find any mandatory change to the labor law information when you visit the official website of the accredited and reliable labor poster company. You must know about the most recent mandatory changes and comply with them. Easy-to-understand details about the mandatory federal labor law posters guide you on time and encourage you to make a well-informed decision.

3. Know about where you buy your compliance posters

Everyone in the business sector has to know where they buy their compliance posters. This is because some sources sell outdated labor law posters. You must ensure that you get your compliance posters from a trustworthy source specialized in poster compliance.

4. Make a good decision to buy compliance posters

This is advisable to avoid buying the required federal posters from anyone selling the posters door-to-door. You must spend enough time doing research before deciding on buying the poster from a trustworthy source. 

5. Register in a labor law posters service

Experienced and successful business people enroll in the labor law poster service and avoid future scams. They do not take any phone calls and focus on an offer they receive in the mail. They get the mandatory updates on time at no cost.

6. Get automatic updates at no cost

If you are on a service designed to offer free automatic updates, then you can get the desired benefits. Some labor law companies charge their clients for every update and scam businesses into spending money on their compliance posters, especially one poster at a time. They also charge their clients for updates that are not mandatory.  

7. Enroll in a plan backed by a warranty

Business people have to enroll in a plan that is properly backed by a warranty. They use this method to add an extra level of reliability to the business that maintains their compliance. They can use the poster violation warranty, a satisfaction guarantee policy, and automatic updates with free shipping options.


Businesses of any size in the nation have to focus on and keep up-to-date with the federal compliance posters in detail at first. They must ensure that all the processes are in place for addressing the potential concerns, communicating their labor law poster vendor’s procedures, and educating location staff regarding the potential for scams. 

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