Top 10 Labor Law Poster Mistakes Businesses Make (2024 Update)

Top 10 Most Common Labor Law Poster Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them) (2024 Update)

Labor law posters outline the federal and state employment laws that businesses must adhere to within their premises. However, labor law compliance is an ever-changing arena.

Staying up-to-date with new employment laws in 2024 and related compliance requirements is crucial for employers as well as employees. In fact, this factor can mean the difference between successful and failing businesses.
This is where labor poster compliance can play a huge role.

As we navigate through 2024, the importance of adhering to the latest labor poster compliance requirements cannot be overstated. Use the right workplace posters and you’re safe. But miss integrating the 2024 employment law changes and compliance in your posters, and you could be looking at hefty fines as well as legal repercussions.
In this blog, we’ll shed light on the common mistakes businesses make with their state and/or federal labor law posters and what can be done to avoid them.

  1. Using Outdated Federal Labor Law Posters

    With the rolling out of new employment laws in 2024, employers need to update their workplace posters to align with the changes. It’s, therefore, essential to ensure that the posters on display are the latest versions available.

    Dependable labor poster providers offer various tools to streamline workplace poster management. Some companies provide subscription-based replacement plans, wherein posters are automatically updated when mandatory changes occur. Some vendors also provide digital codes that enable instant compliance checks via a simple smartphone scan.

    You can also get online charts detailing state-specific changes, along with email notifications for each mandatory posting update. In fact, some labor poster companies offer a combination of these methods to ensure your posters remain compliant.

    It’s true that keeping posters up-to-date can be challenging amidst the constant flux of regulations. To stay ahead, consider leveraging automatic updates or subscription services offered by trusted providers like Best Labor Law Posters.

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  2. Posting Irrelevant Posters

    This is a common mistake many employers make: they often post too many federal labor law posters, assuming it’s a safer thing to do. However, not all posters are relevant to every business. In fact, some posters can potentially burden employers with unnecessary obligations.

    For instance, displaying NLRA posters isn’t mandatory for all businesses. The new employment laws in 2024 haven’t changed this either. Yet many companies display it, leading to confusion.

    To prevent this, employers should educate themselves about labor law changes in 2024, and identify which posters are relevant to them.

    More often than not, over-posting stems from aggressive sales tactics used by unethical poster companies. This is why it is crucial to work with reputable vendors for proper labor law compliance. You can refer to resources such as the U.S. Department of Labor’s Poster Advisor tool to determine the posters mandated for your business.

  3. Displaying Incorrect Posters

    Accuracy in conveying the 2024 employment law changes is non-negotiable when it comes to labor law posters. As mentioned, begin your poster audit with a reliable poster advisory tool for federal law compliance. Also, verify state mandates with your local labor office. Don’t forget to factor in the industry-specific requirements.

    Avoid the temptation to use homemade or downloaded posters as they may have errors or be incomplete with respect to the labor law changes in 2024. Instead, rely on official sources like Best Labor Law Posters to obtain accurate and compliant posters.

  4. Posting in the Wrong Locations

    Simply having the right labor law posters isn’t enough. They also need to be prominently displayed for all employees to see.

    You should know that some posters carry specific location mandates. For example, employers covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act must prominently place the poster where both employees and job applicants can view it.

    It’s important to always ascertain individual poster requirements and select each poster’s placement accordingly to ensure compliance. Consider high-traffic areas like break rooms or common areas for optimal visibility. Additionally, ensure accessibility for employees with disabilities by placing posters at appropriate heights and providing alternative formats, if needed.

  5. Posting in the Wrong Language

    Employers need to ensure that all employees can understand their rights and responsibilities, especially in their primary language. Posting labor law posters in the appropriate language is crucial for effective communication.

    In states like Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, North Carolina, New York, and Texas, labor law posters must be displayed in both English and Spanish if over 5% of employees speak English as a second language.

    Provide posters in their primary language to foster clear communication and compliance for employees who speak English as a second language. This is crucial to keeping language barriers and misunderstandings at bay. This will also demonstrate the business’s commitment to inclusivity as all employees will be aware of their rights.

  6. Not Replacing Damaged or Defaced Posters

    Damaged labor law posters fail to convey crucial information effectively. Regular inspection of posters is imperative to identify any signs of damage or defacement.

    By promptly replacing such posters, companies can facilitate clear communication channels and ensure compliance with labor laws. This approach can also reinforce the importance of workplace communication, while maintaining a compliant workforce.

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  7. Neglecting State and Local Requirements

    Federal requirements are just one piece of the compliance puzzle. Employers also need to adhere to state and local posting requirements as they may differ from federal mandates, and have additional employment regulations.

    For example, the information mentioned in Illinois labor law posters will probably be different from what’s stated in Illinois posters. Accordingly, businesses in Illinois will need to work with local experts to create and display Illinois labor law posters on their premises.

    State posters typically cover areas such as teen work hours, workers’ compensation, and minimum wages. Even if state and federal laws overlap, both posters must be displayed. At the end of the day, the more stringent law must prevail.

  8. Failing to Train Employees about Their Rights

    While displaying labor law posters is crucial, they should only serve as a starting point. Employees also need to be trained to better understand their workplace rights and responsibilities.

    Consider integrating workshops or online resources into your compliance strategy to ensure thorough education. Doing so will foster a culture of transparency and accountability within the organization. Further, employers can create a more informed workforce and mitigate compliance-related issues arising from ignorance.

  9. Ignoring Industry-Specific Regulations

    Different sectors may have specific posting mandates according to their operations. It is, therefore, crucial to stay abreast of industry-specific posting regulations. Consulting with the experts in labor laws, especially about 2024 employment law changes, can prove invaluable for understanding these nuances.

    Make sure to tailor compliance strategies to include specific industry requirements and minimize potential penalties. Through this, businesses can also highlight compliance standards and ethical operations within their respective sectors.

  10. Overlooking Remote Worker Considerations

    With the increasing reliance on remote work, small businesses should ensure remote employees receive all the mandatory labor law notices. Whether on-site or off-site, it’s legally mandated to provide these notices to remote staff.

    While regulations don’t prescribe the format, it’s advisable to offer paper or electronic notices to all remote workers. To ensure this is done flawlessly and to simplify compliance, consider Best Labor Law Posters’ compliance management solution and empower your remote workforce.


In the intricate web of labor law compliance, avoiding common mistakes is key to protecting your business from potential risks. By prioritizing accuracy, relevance, and accessibility in your poster compliance efforts, you can minimize the threat of fines and legal sanctions. Remember, compliance is not just about meeting regulatory obligations – it’s about fostering a fair and equitable workplace for all.

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